Standard Products.

Linear Regulated Power Supply Modules.

All power supply modules feature fold back current limiting and thermal overload protection.† They can withstand a permanent short circuit without damage.† We have many stories of installations were switch cabinets have been left powered up for months between construction and commissioning with shorted DC rails, with no damage whatsoever.

They are available standard in 5, 10, 12 and 24 volt, although (almost) any voltage is possible.† We once made a number of 80 volt modules for export to Vietnam.† Standard units can be connected in series to obtain higher voltages, inverse diodes recommended.

They are available standard in capacities of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 Amp.† Some years ago we made a 24 volt 400 amp unit, but that is not something we would normally recommend.† Units may be connected in parallel to obtain higher capacities, auctioneering diodes recommended.

Units are ideal for connection in N+1 redundancy, auctioneering diodes required.† We supplied 20 amp units in lots of 11 for an oil refinery that originally asked for several 200 amp units.† Presently we are in the middle of supplying numerous 30 amp units in redundant sets for a large South Pacific nickel refininery.

Linear Regulated Battery Charging Power Supply Modules.

For float charging lead acid and sealed lead acid batteries you can simply use a standard power supply with a suitable series blocking diode.† Outputs of 13.6 and 27.2 volts are standard, but other voltages can be provided.

For high reliability operation we have automatic two stage boost/float battery charging power supplies to suit 24 volt systems.† (12, 30, 36 and 48 volt systems can also be provided.)† Whenever the circuit is powered up, as after an interruption, it will operate in constant current mode until the battery voltage rises to 28.8 volts at which point the circuit changes to constant voltage mode and then maintains the battery at 27.2 volts, temperature compensated.

Battery Monitors.

To compliment the power supplies we have a wide range of battery monitors.

Most power supplies can be supplied fitted with a simple fail relay.

An over voltage cut out can be connected in the output and will protect sensitive equipment should the power supply fail.† 10 and 30 amp versions are standard. There are separate dry changeover relay contacts and an LED for status.

A basic monitor is available in a wide range of voltages.† This has dry relay contacts and LED indication for power supply low, OK and high, and battery OK and low.† It also includes over voltage cut out and comes in 10 and 30 amp versions.

For critical battery backed installations we have fully featured sealed lead acid battery monitors.† These have dry relay contacts for battery OK and power supply OK.† They include power supply over voltage cut out and low battery load cut off, both to prevent battery destruction.† They also provide an equalizing charge to balance each battery in 24 volt systems and can detect any imbalance.† There are LED indicators for power supply high, low and OK, and battery low, warning and OK.† There is also a dual pole thermal circuit breaker for further battery protection.† The circuit will not allow connection to a flat or incorrectly installed battery.† Terminals are provided for the connection of the power supply, the batteries and the load.† No other equipment is required.† These monitors have been tested and found to comply with the EMC requirements of the EU and also C-tick.† They are available in 12 and 24 volt versions, and 5 and 10 amp ratings.† An optional adapter allows for use in installations up to 30 amp.

Special Products.

Battery Charging Power Supplies for High Speed Passenger Ferries.

Since 1995 we have been producing battery charging power supplies for a major Australian shipbuilder. These supplies meet DNV and CE requirments for high speed aluminium vessels. They are permanently connected to 24 volt batteries and are made in 15 and 40 amp capacities and are two stage boost/float designs. They include full metering, remote sensing and feature spring cage clamp terminals for all connections. Ferries using these supplies are operating all over the world carrying thousands of passengers and cars every day.

Battery Leakage Monitor.

Another local ship builder wanted to detect if there was any leakage from the DC wiring to the hull of the aluminium ships they were building. The leakage monitor connects to the DC wiring and if any current exceeding set limits flows to the hull an alarm is triggered. Any leakage current is also displayed on a DNV approved meter.

Aircraft Loader Modules.

The Australian company with the contract to manufacture loaders for the A380 Airbus worldwide needed several modules to interface with the truck chassis and the loader itself. We now supply them with a 10 amp voltage regulator, a triple 24 volt battery monitor and a muti-way 30 amp relay output module.

Remote Gas Alarm Indicator.

A leading Australian manufacturer of gas detection equipment had several models of detectors but one of their major customers wanted a remote indicator that would be simple to instal. We were able to produce a simple unit fitted to a standard wall box with 10mm LEDs for FAIL, WARN and ALARM, plus a very loud alarm with a local ACCEPT button. The unit is self resetting and requires no separate power supply.

Linear regulators may be very unfashionable but they are ultra reliable and are oh so quiet electrically.† Many of our customers have been bitten so badly by cheap switch mode power supplies from Asia that they now insist on specifying our supplies.† We have many thousands of them out there all over the world, in coal mines, printing presses, water supply and sewerage works, oil refineries, electrical sub-stations, fire panels, operating theatres, aircraft loaders and high speed passenger ferries.† If you live in any major Australian city it is almost certain that your life is touched on a daily basis by at least one of our power supply modules.

We donít just make power supply modules, though, we produce a full range of sealed lead acid battery monitors to compliment the battery chargers.† We also manufacture complete battery charging power supplies to DNV and CE requirments for high speed passenger ferries, plug-in loop powered battery monitors, battery leakage monitors for aluminium ships, instrument lamp dimmers for ships, plating rectifiers up to 500 amps, constant current rectifiers for water supply chlorinators, soft start rectifiers for operating theatre lights, power output modules for aircraft loaders, remote alarm indicators for gas detectors, variable speed cooling fan controllers and solar panel power maximisers, plus much much more.

This does not include all the one-offs and specials.† Like the 0 to 40 volt 80 amp DC adjustable bench power supply with both constant voltage and constant current modes for testing aircraft electronics, or the computer interface box running a pilot plant to help reduce the toxins in mine tailings, or the 40 amp constant current super low noise power supply for superconductor research, or the climate control chamber for horticulture research, or the atmosphere controller for long term fruit storage, or the 400 amp 415 volt three phase solid state relays with zero cross switching for annealing aluminium, or the interface units for monitoring power transmission lines, or the hand held solar panel power meter, just to mention a few.