Engineered Electronics is a small family run business based out of Hobart, Tasmania, specialising in the design, manufacture and repair of industrial grade electronics.

We specialise primarily in linear regulated DC power supply modules (both normal and battery charging) and sealed lead acid battery monitors. We also produce a full range of sealed lead acid battery monitors to compliment the battery chargers, as well as complete battery charging power supplies to DNV and CE requirments for high speed passenger ferries, plug-in loop powered battery monitors, battery leakage monitors for aluminium ships, instrument lamp dimmers for ships, plating rectifiers up to 500 amps, constant current rectifiers for water supply chlorinators, soft start rectifiers for operating theatre lights, power output modules for aircraft loaders, remote alarm indicators for gas detectors, variable speed cooling fan controllers and solar panel power maximisers.

In addition to our standard product lines, we specialise in one-offs and low volume production runs of electronic modules and controls for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. In recent years these have included a 0 to 40 volt 80 amp DC adjustable bench power supply with both constant voltage and constant current modes for testing aircraft electronics; a computer interface box running a pilot plant to help reduce the toxins in mine tailings; a 40 amp, constant current, super low noise power supply for superconductor research; a climate control chamber for horticulture research; an atmosphere controller for long term fruit storage; 400 amp, 415 volt, three phase, solid state relays with zero cross switching for annealing aluminium; interface units for monitoring power transmission lines; a hand held solar panel power meter - and dozens of others.

Many of our stock lines are sold under the ENGELEC brand name.

All our products are designed and manufactured in-house.  We only outsource printed circuit boards and metalwork, both to our own designs.